$100,000 in Junk Silver – Sorting and Treasure Hunt

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This was an incredible opportunity to organize, cherry pick, and simply see $100,000 in U.S. silver coinage. Enjoy!

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Morgan Dollars Forsale on eBay.com Click Here For The Best Price!

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43 Comments on “$100,000 in Junk Silver – Sorting and Treasure Hunt”

    1. Coin Metallurgist I now have 4 walking liberty’s just a update and a barber half and Benjamin Franklins

    2. Coin Metallurgist are any of these coins for sale? If where? Thanks,Awesome collection πŸ€”πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

  1. How many halfs, dimes, and quarters were there? Was that about 2000 Kennedy 2000 franklin and 1000 walkers for a total of 5000 halfs? Just a guess..and were those 100 oz bars in the box too? My is many ounces was that total

    1. You estimated fairly well. It was a little over 2000 for the Franklin halves and slightly under for the Kennedy halves. I didn’t get a count on quarters or dimes, I just weighed them to estimate how many tubes to order. Yes those were 100oz bars. Over 5000oz total.

    2. Wow what an opportunity to be able to go through those coins..so what did he pay you think fir it in the 80’s..I’m sure he’s made really well on his investment

    3. Coin Metallurgist Just a real curious question. Can you give a ballpark figure of what he paid for that. 5000 oz times $20 = $100,000
      Would he have paid spot or more like a number under spot. Just curious in case we ever run across anything of this magnitude!!

  2. Out of all the junk silver silver videos I have seen on yet I have never seen one of this size, even all the walking and franklins are more and everything g else is extra! It’s crazy to see such a massive pile of junk silver, I wonder why your or if your friend sold any when silver went to $40

    1. Sometimes if you’re in a comfortable place in life, it’s not about selling but passing it along to your offspring and ensuring a better life for them.

  3. For any doubters, this is what wealth preservation is all about. This silver was probably purchased at a small fraction of what it is worth today.

    1. Don’t feel bad brother. I feel ur pain. I’m a grown man crying in envy after seeing this.

    1. Every time I go to bank to deposit or cash a check I always ask bank to show me half dollar so I can check the edge to see if it silver. 50 cents for silver! The odd isn’t bad, got 3 during 10 visit. Found one last week.

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