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  1. Good strategy although not too sure how diversified in the medals I’ll go
    outside of gold and silver. Thanks for the comments and watching.

  2. I am not a fan of privies..except on the Canadian Maples, but the coins do
    look nice. Have you researched how they do in the aftermarket compared to
    the non-privy Kooks? Just curious if there is a good collector base for

  3. I’ll be doing a lot of videos in the future regarding coins with privy
    marks. The Kookaburras with the snake privy was a great buy at one time,
    but unfortunately I wasn’t attracted to them when I first got into silver..
    I like that you built an interest for them to buy the dragon privy kook. I
    think it’s a way for them to make another series to make money yes, but at
    the same time we have the ability to purchase them when they release for a
    good price and resell at a later time to make profit.

  4. The attractiveness of anything numisy or collectible in the future will
    have a lot to do with what the future will look like.
    Numismatics/collectibles do best when people are flush with money and the
    economy is good. They do far less well when the economy is bad, as people
    are looking for ounces at those times vs. paying a premium for something
    pretty, low-mintage, or both. So if you think the future looks bright, I’d
    say keep buying. If you think it looks dark, then focus on ounces. CONT’D

  5. That maple is on the list – really like that as well. Still on the fence
    with the hole privy thing. I do like hunting for the lower minted stuff so
    I’ll probably continue to grab a couple here and there. Thanks for watching

  6. I really like my maple leaf with snake privy. I like the privy’s but for me
    personally I probably wouldn’t stack a lot of them. Definitely coins with a
    high premium. That 2012 with the dragon privy is awesome!

  7. Note twice sinceladt septenber apmex sold thekook privy coins at LESS than
    the higher volume kooks with no advertising that it was a sale or
    anything,and when i tried to tell people in comments like this…noone
    seemed to care and race over to snap em up…so i figure they just arrnt
    that desirable…go figure…anyway a privy being a toilet why do they call
    em a privy mark? Tobe a knight of the privy chamber meant you helped the
    king do his dressing etc. so i reslly dont get it.

  8. I grabbed them from both APMEX and eBay. I’m fairly certain I remember you
    mentioning that.

  9. The more minute you get the details to be, the smaller your market gets
    later. For example, britannia vs britannia with snake privy, kooks vs kooks
    with privy marks. It’s like speculating, it may pay off it may not but in
    the short term you paid more for an ounce of silver. I do it too, but
    that’s my outlook. High premium bullion is like low risk gambling.

  10. greg williams has an ol vid on his channel where the kooks in his Aussie
    back yard are laughing it up ya goota see it!

  11. Kinda thinking it looks partly bright with a chance and doom and gloom.
    Guess we’ll see but my range is long and who knows maybe I’ll request to be
    buried with it. Thanks for watching bro.

  12. Ya know I really didn’t. I can tell you I did notice that the 2012 privy
    was commanding a little higher price than the regular Kook. I kinda just
    figured with the lower mintage it can’t hurt. Most likely going to hang on
    to them for some time so I’m not too concerned either way.

  13. Think you nailed it right on the head…. you have to get this stuff as it
    becomes available.

  14. More and more people are collecting the kooks, especially overseas, i live
    in Australia. My point is if more and more people are collecting them as a
    set, they are gonna want the privies too, the same as a collector of
    pennies wants the different mint marks from a particular year. The kooks
    are most popular in china, US, Canada, having said that, there can only
    ever be 50,000 complete sets. I would think they would act as key dates
    would in any collectable series and get more $- just my opinion

  15. Wow!…those 2012 kooks are lovely, man! I may be too cheap to buy any but
    I sure appreciate you sharing yours.

  16. Hi JD. Too bad you didn’t find any War Nickels. But you did find that
    Proof. I’m going to go get more Dimes on Monday and when my two nieces come
    on Wednesday I’m going to ask them if they’d like to CRH with their Uncle
    Drew. Good luck on your next hunt. -Drew ´╗┐

  17. The halves are so much faster and easier to do than the nickels. I had fun
    with my case but won’t do them again, too much work but was happy with the
    V nickel I scored.
    That black toned nickle was a Poop Nickel. A kid swallowed it and pooped it
    out (Not kidding)´╗┐

  18. Nice proof JD! Ive found 2 silvers this year at work by opening up rolls of
    change…a 1949 canadian quarter and a 1945 war nickel. Maybe I’ll do some
    CRH in the winter. Thanks for posting the video´╗┐

  19. I like the proofs. I did my first box of nickels last week and I thought it
    was pretty good, did not get any silver but did get two buffalos and quite
    a few of the older ones, no proofs either, but it was pretty fun. Good luck
    and HH´╗┐

  20. Do you think some fool could have tried to counterfeit a nickel? God know,
    there are some clowns up here in Canada who counterfeit dollar coins.´╗┐

  21. If you have ever had a kid, the doctor tells you that you have to check
    their poop to make sure they dispose of the coin, etc whatever they
    swallowed. If after two bowel movements, if the item does not come out, off
    to surgery so that is why someone will dig and look. Next step, rinse, dry
    and spend LOL
    Awwwww haha´╗┐

  22. hey you found some nice older coins..especially the proof. BTW did you
    happen to find any 2009 in that box?´╗┐

  23. I found a 1921 penny when I got change from a store, is it worth anything?´╗┐

  24. That one nickel you thought may be an error… I think it was struck thru
    greese so that is a great find´╗┐

  25. need some info if ya don’t mind. i found a 1971-d kennedy half. the Red
    book i have says some were minted in silver clad by error. how do i know
    which one i have?´╗┐

  26. Nice proof coin I almost gave a 1941 nickel to the coinstar. Glad I didn’t
    do that. Nice coins. Keep on swinging´╗┐

  27. Love your vids! Newbie question for you… What is a “proof” coin and why
    more valuable? Also where can you sell the coins over face value? Local
    coin dealer? Thanks´╗┐

  28. Yeah, like the 1963-D BU nickel..nice, bet you that’s worth the most. Did
    you know a 1939 nickel got me started in coin collecting in 71 or
    72….it’s the nickel that started it all.´╗┐

  29. How do you tell the difference between Fine and Very Fine? Nice 1939 coin.
    I went to the bank today and went through a box and had some nice finds:
    2-1940’s, 1-1941, 2-1942 non-silver (one of these was a D mint, 2-1946,
    1-1948D, 5-1949’s (two D mints) 1-1951, 2-1952 (one was an S Mint), 2-1954,
    1-1955 D, 1-1958 D, 3-1959 D’s (4) Canadian, (1) 20 cent piece from
    Singapore, (3) Buffalo Nickels (Only 1 had a date of 1935 poor condition),
    (2) War Nickels 1943P and a 1944P both dirty looking but 35% Silver. If I
    send you a scan of a 1938, could you give me an idea of the grade (ballpark
    answer is fine with me).´╗┐

  30. Very cool to see you hunting some nickels:) I’m on my last box of dimes,
    scored 1 silver in the first two, nothing in the third and so far nothing
    in the fourth box. I have two boxes of halves as well. This coin roll
    hunting will keep me busy this winter LOL:)´╗┐

  31. Nice proof, I got my box of nickels & pennies a few hours ago and blazed
    through it amazingly quick.
    Found a war nickel, and a beautiful 1950 nickel in at least XF, but this
    has some crazy toning on it. Was hoping it was a D…of course it wasn’t
    but still a nice replacer for my book instead of the current F-VF one I
    have in there.
    By the way, I’ve been specifically keeping only VF-XF+ coins I’ve been
    finding regarding nickels, been going through my nickel jars of pre 1960
    and using the ones i find in there that are under that grade that are
    common dates back into my filler coins for rolls.´╗┐

  32. Nice job on the video, How do you know if a coin is AU or BU? Or how do you
    know if a coin is VF or Extra fine?´╗┐

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