Bidding 24/7: The world of online art auctions

Bidding 24/7: The world of online art auctions
It has held 14 auctions since June 2013, ranging from tribal art to jewellery, Middle Eastern contemporary art and silver, and has already built up 1,500 clients. The most popular auction so far … (Coins On Grandma's Cloth by Ghanaian artist El …
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Coin Collecting Is Hot: Why Investors Are Taking a Shine to Numismatics
The fervor in the rare coin and currency market is indeed highlighted by last year's world-record-breaking sale of the highest value coin ever – a 1794 "Flowing Hair" silver dollar for a stratospheric $ 10 million. … Amid drops in the precious metals …
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Five Ways to Make Money From Spring Cleaning
Collectibles: One of the best places to get top dollar for your collectibles and small items of value is eBay. Click on the “register” link in the top left corner of the homepage to create an … Sell gold and silver for scrap. If you have gold jewelry …
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