25 Comments on “Coin Collecting : How Do I Clean Dirty Coins?”

  1. Impress people with your coin collection this weekend but first make sure
    they are looking new. Here are a few tips to keep your coins shining, only
    on Idea Super Weekends.

  2. I found a 1943 D penny this morning in my change. It’s so dirty it looked
    like a regular penny except for the edges and some tiny areas where the
    steel is showing through. How should I clean it?

  3. When I dig up old/rare coins after metal detecting, what should I do with
    them?…Should I leave them as is (Dirty)….or should I rinse them off
    with something, and that’s it?….Thank you for your reply.

  4. Ok what if you dont really care about he value of the coins you jus like
    them to look pretty. I know I sound like a child. Ive just go some odds and
    ends coins ex. 1940’s quarters and nickels. I just want them to be really
    shinny and good lookin.

  5. @TheTrueGamble well once you have touched it you put your oils of your skin
    on it you can not clean it off of the silver period but bottom line is if
    you bought the silver for inflation proof currency it wont matter you will
    probely make it worse if you try to clean it.

  6. Good video and the basic rule is: “do not even try to clean your valuable
    coin”. I strongly agree. Let these kids say whatever they want to, they
    don’t own such coins, so it’s pretty much the same what they do with them.

  7. I don’t get this, I don’t know of I am doing something wrong, but it
    appears that my pennies are not getting cleaner at all, so I fell like I
    wasted my time. Don’t try this unless you are an idiot and you want to
    waste like 10 minutes of trying to clean a single coin.

  8. I would also look into special car soaps! Many house hold soaps contain
    abrasives, which will leave micro scratch. High end car soaps are
    completely free of these abrasives and get the job done. Make sure you get
    all the soap off, and try to use distilled or reverse osmosis water to
    avoid leaving any mineral deposits. I also like to use a microfiber towel
    to pat the coin dry…

  9. So I just buy uncleaned ancient Roman coins and sit around and wonder what
    they really look like. OK, gotcha.

  10. Could be shortened to: 1) Never clean valuable numismatic coins. 2) If
    you’re going to clean a coin, wash it. BRILLIANT!!!

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