25 Comments on “my silver coin collection”

  1. I must say none of your silver coins (except then 1950 ones) are higher
    than F- to F+. 

  2. Great that’s exciting news! Thanks for the comment. I am going to do some
    more research on Barber Halves and see what I come up with. Probably will
    do another video specifically on the barbers. I got all the barbers off of
    APMEX so I didn’t really expect any rare dates or mint marks. I got all the
    coins from various coin shops, APMEX, and Colonial Acres.

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  4. Nice Morgans, gotta love the weight in the palm of your hand. How did you
    come by these coins?

  5. almost every one of your Barber Halfs are worth a lot more than silver
    value and a few maybe up to $100 if you have the right dates. Did you
    purchase this all at the same time or is there a few purchases here in this
    collection? Great start keep up the good work and look for the error and
    key dates.

  6. the 1900 barber half dollar in this video looks funny; the Liberty is
    smiling lol …or is it just me

  7. Well some of them are pretty battered up but I agree, I don’t think they
    really classify as junk silver.

  8. I love coins. When I can’t go silver hunting or go to the local coin shops
    to look for bargains I can make money on for my collection, I even find
    myself asking for shitty Susan B. Anthony dollars and Sacagawea dollars for
    change back at the gas station. I play with them the whole ride home. Coins
    are sexy in general. Forget the paper dollar.

  9. Thanks. Well I do get attached to my coins, but just message me anyways.
    Which coins in my collection appealed to you?

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