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  1. I just watched a commercial about the uncirculated morgan silver dollars. I
    noticed scratches on them. Besides you can buy them all day long for 20.00

  2. I bought the coins for 39.95, what they do is give you 2 or 3 coins that
    are in fairly good condition but the other 17 coins suck. I sent them back
    for a refund and found out they had them 6 days ago and im waiting for my
    charge card to be credited for 799.00. it hasent posted yet. never buy a
    coin when a big company excepts charge cards as they are taking a 3 to 4
    loss on the coins which tells you they are over priced and don’t care about
    the loss as they are cleaning up.i am not dealing with this company
    anymore. they now have a sale 5 coins for 29.95. you probably will get one
    1921 in good shape but the rest I would bet are very close to junk. hope I
    get my refund soon or we will be in court. be careful dealing with this
    company but they say you can return them but it is a hassel that cost about
    40.00 dollars to insure an postage. GEORGE JOY FT. MYERS FL.

  3. in the future… If you didn’t ask for it – you get to keep it. If you are
    signed up on an occasional shipment kind of contract – say to them “I don’t
    want any more of this – I want to opt out – record the conversation, and
    tell them “if they send you anything else it is your to keep!” You will
    never hear from them again.

  4. National Collector’s Mint fined $750,000 for misrepresenting commemorative
    coins January 20th, 2013

  5. They’ll be 1921s or a really common date not worth much over spot in UNC,
    if they really are UNC.

  6. Hey dude thats not a scam i buy stuff from national collectors mint and as
    far as them saying that theres only 3 k its just so ull buy faster …..
    Ive baught some stuff from them , but not all morgans ar uncirc some are AU

  7. I did that once with some coins and then I started getting coins to
    “review” that I did not want and had to send them back at my own expense so
    never again

  8. I agree – if it seems too good to be true, it is probably a scam. Thanks
    for showing this – if we get it in the mail – won’t have to waste time!

  9. Your right, it could be a possible scam. The phone number that I saw on the
    paper within your video says it has been disconnected. When I dialed
    1-888-UNC-MINT, a recording says phone number disconnected.

  10. They are trying to scam you, some company you have dealt with for PMs or
    your internet provider or google has sold your info to these scammers so
    now your on their mailing list as someone who’s interested in silver. They
    send these flyers hyping their over priced coins as rare and they are
    probably common or cleaned or some other catch- that said it’s probably
    still a better deal than the stuff most people buy, but I would think you
    can find the same quality cheaper elsewhere.

  11. This is the same co. that was selling the Stand-up 9/11 Commemorative coin
    about 7 years ago; there were supposed to sell out with-in months…I’ll
    pass. Too bad you’re on some stupid mailing list!

  12. Only bad thing when it comes to coins or silver in general is that you have
    to worry about being scamed

  13. I was wondering what i could possibly get in trade for a 1964 half and 1964
    quarter opened out of mint cello’s just 3 months ago.

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