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  1. Here is a thought to ponder. For a period of time,when the large cent was
    in circulation, it was the 3rd largest coin we had. Even today the penny is
    larger than a dime which has never made sense to me lol

  2. You should do an update video on your copper hoard showing how much you
    have saved so far since the beginning to today.

  3. Hey terminal really important question here. What’s the best/easiest way to
    get a lot of pennies to sort in your opinion? I would greatly appreciate
    your reply.

    take a look at my first ever haul video, i would appreciate your support
    guys, thank you 

  5. Sell that shit and buy some silver and gold man. I just turned in all my
    coins that i saved. I had a 5 gallon water jug filled with coins. Took me a
    while to save that up but i just took it to the bank. Cashed it in and
    bought a whole bunch of silver. $2,200 worth. Dont let cash just sit there.
    Thats my opinion. But to each its own. Keep doin what u doin if thats your
    strategy. Nice video.

  6. Did someone say something? Correcting someone isn’t trolling. Neither is
    creating a joke…even if said person has no sense of humor. Move along now.

  7. No other material can work as well as copper when it comes to electrical
    connections. The average home uses 400 pounds, a small hybrid car uses
    about 100 pounds and a high speed rail train uses 3 to 4 tons per train and
    another 10 tons for overhead wire. Copper is in more demand than ever.

  8. Sounds like an excuse to do nothing to me. Right now, a copper cent is
    worth 2.38 cents in metal. If you get them at face value, you’re ahead 138%
    from the start. Inflation is about 3% per year. Copper has had a good run
    this year and I think a year from now it will be up at least 15%.

  9. anybody getting started with nickels? they are 75% copper pretty soon they
    might be worth >$0.05

  10. Good video dude. I too am getting rolls of pennies from the bank and
    sorting them out. I roll up the copper ones and put them back in the boxes
    I get them in. Its a good winter time activity for me. I’ve found wheat
    backs, indian heads, and foreign coins mixed in with them. I think they
    will be valued in the future as silver coins are now.

  11. Im not going to read up on whether or not that is actually the case but…
    Proper, decent countries have more confidence in their own currencies and
    fiscal values and are less dependant on external stability.

  12. just melt into a blob and add to your copper swag..scrap yards cant tell it
    was once pennies

  13. makes sense but i think its just too much work to get into it now,
    especially in the US. here in canada they were copper up until 1996 so they
    are easier to find. unless you have a bunch of pennies from that time to
    start with, i feel its pointless to start collecting them now. silver is a
    much better investment short and long term in my opinion. where can you
    honestly get as many pre-1983 pennies as you have right now?

  14. Damm I wish I knew about this a few months ago. I knew the copper value of
    a penny was worth more, but didnt realize people were hoarding them…sucks
    Canada just got rid of the penny too.

  15. What happens if and when pennies are discontinued and the Federal
    Government states that the pennies are their property and that you could
    only trade it in for equal currency still making it illegal to melt it down?

  16. Copper is measured in price per ton as it is a BASE METAL. It is not rare
    whatsoever. Why not start hoarding limestone too?

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