25 Comments on “SILVER STACK…My entire 90% silver coin collection.”

  1. Love your vids man! Keep stacking! I only have two videos but check them
    out! I’m sort of new at stacking but so far, love it!

  2. I’m a rookie coin collector from the UK who is also fascinated with silver.
    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but are ALL pre 1964 quarter
    coins 90% silver ? Anyway thanks for a very informative intro to
    American silver coins. I’ll be adding some to my collection soon 

  3. if you are talking about a dime, quarter or a half dollar then it is
    silver. A silver Nickel will have a mint mark above Monticello (at 12
    o’clock on the reverse of the coin). If it does not have the mint mark at
    that location, then it is not silver.

  4. Love the 1992-s Peace dollar @ 3:09- just like the look of it! Nice
    collection there.

  5. Wow that’s terrible. Yea man H.B, Broad Channel, got hit hard. My uncle
    lives in Long Beach and his house got flooded, lost both of his cars,
    everything he had in his basement, etc. Hope everything goes alright. I am
    100ft above sea level, and all our power lines are underground. Stupid me
    was outside when the storm was at its height, admiring the strong winds.
    Almost got killed by a tree. I consider myself lucky. Hopefully it doesn’t
    run out anytime soon, knock wood.

  6. I’d get rid of the 40% percent and the war nickels and trade for more
    silver. Buy some engelhards or JM’s. Or more 90%.

  7. i like! u got any 64 quarters? i guess u got power…my mom still out in
    H.B. I just got home..I was there for 4 days pumping water. sad

  8. I actually inherited half, and bought half. If you have more than $500
    (silver value, not face value) of silver coins, you can go to provident
    metals and sell it to them. Great people to do business with. I would
    definitely recommend them. PM me if you want details.

  9. Did you buy most of that or find most coin roll hunting’? I need to get
    some peace dollars I love how they look and hope to find one someday. I got
    a decent amount of those 40 percent silver halfs and im not a fan of them
    was thinking of selling them on ebay and but more silver with it.

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