What is the Difference Between Investing in Silver and Gold Bullion and Collecting Numismatic Coins?

Bullion vs Numismatics http://www.numismarketing.com Paul Butler describes the difference between investing in silver and gold bullion and collecting numisma…

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13 Comments on “What is the Difference Between Investing in Silver and Gold Bullion and Collecting Numismatic Coins?”

  1. @MasterOnlineMarketer The only reason why I think an exspensive numimatic
    colectable coin is handy is if you need to go to another country and you
    could easily get a very very exspensive single coin through customs instead
    of being pulled up for having lots of bullion.

  2. @MasterOnlineMarketer I understand what you mean. I like bullion but prefer
    rare numismatics that can be had near spot. My experience is that that is
    often possible if one looks hard enough and has proper numismatic
    knowledge, for instance when buying a rare issue mmediately when issued by
    a mint.

  3. @TheSilverGuild We shall see what thew future holds. I buy both bullion and
    numismatic. Numismatic is a billion dollar industry worldwide. I am just
    showing how to make money today with Numismatic collectible coins. What I
    speak of in the video is how to create cash flow with a home based business
    in numismatics.

  4. Thanks @Efteling4Ever for your insights. A wise man once said that bullion
    doesnt appreciate in time, what happens is that your dollar depreciates,
    where collectible numismatic coins appreciate over time as a collectible,
    they have an intrinsic value that has stood the test of time.

  5. @TheSilverGuild To promote/sell bullion as an investment one needs to be a
    broker. Now you can sell your bullion back to a broker but legally in the
    states you need to be a licensed broker to sell and profit on bullionsales.
    to profit and sell numismatics you do not have to be a broker because it is
    a collectible. this is the point I was trying to get at. I am making money
    today on numismatics, yes my silver and gold bullion investments are
    growing, ut my numismatics are making me money today

  6. @MasterOnlineMarketer Example. A Dutch 10 EUR Australia 2006 (6 gr. netto
    gold) cost EUR 159. Now 6gr is above 159 and it cannot be had under EUR 400
    (Ebay usually 500+)- But one needs to have proper numismatic knowledge.
    E.g. one needs to know how large a collector base is and when mintage
    numbers are interesting and when not. Numismatics may be interesting to
    those that are willing to put time in research and know what has numismatic
    value and what hasn´t. Otherwise, better stick to bullion.

  7. Dont buy Numismatic Coins! Buy Bullion! You going to buy 12 ounce rated
    Numismatic coins a year at 1188 ($99 monthly) Or Spend 1188 and get 25
    ounces. 2011 MS70 rated coin…what a joke! I have hudreds of MS coins that
    are not slabbed that will be worth just as much in ten years as the slabbed

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